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Name: Italy Veneziano/Feliciano Costa Vargas
Age: 2,000, give or take a century and change. He's not good with numbers
Physical appearance: roughly 5'7, slouches a lot, very thick curly brown hair with a lot of bounce to it (the ahoge is more of a very pronounced cowlick), expressive brown doe-eyes, a bit of a tan but not as much as Romano, runner's body with a bit of pudge, very slender and long hands and fingers, soft butt, long legs (strongest part of him), round face. Not much by way of body strength. Moderate body hair.
Demeanor: very cheerful, almost Pollyanna-ish. Tends to worry easily. Intelligent enough but spacey and tends to lose track of where he was in a conversation and ramble. Easygoing. Can sneak in jabs because he delivers them in the same space-case manner as he does everything else. Angers very rarely but it's memorable. Knows how to use the puppy-dog eyes.
Likes: making friends, cats, good food (he's picky though), love songs/poetry, very long naps, swimming, glassblowing, painting, having fun with his friends
Dislikes: combat situations, violence in general, people insulting his cooking
Other: the "ve" is a sort of verbal static for him, but only if he's talking very fast or is highly confused.
He sleeps a lot, very heavily, and moves around in his sleep. If anyone's in the bed with him, he'll start cuddling; if he's alone, he rolls up in the blankets and/or hugs a pillow.
He loves coffee and drinks it either black or with cream, and drinks a lot of it. Feliciano in the morning sans coffee is almost entirely non-verbal and if left unattended gets highly grumpy.

[[more will be added as i come up with them/it is warranted]]


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